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Get Ad-Free Experience with ACMarket VIP Android App Store to Download Premium Games and Apps for Free

What’s the one thing you love about Google Play Store? For me, it’s the app diversity that offers users loads of different experiences with every download. With more than 2.5 million applications in its catalogue, this app store boasts of a massive fanbase that has accumulated over 1 billion active monthly users. Indeed, Google Play has set a historical milestone of users who are dependent on its user-friendly and exciting software closely followed behind by Apple Store’s 1.9 million applications and about 100 million monthly users. These two stores are the biggest app stores worldwide and that’s probably because a majority of smartphones are integrated with Android’s or iOS’ operating systems.

However, as much as the Play Store is dominant in its supply for quality and useful Android apps on the internet, it isn’t the perfect app store that everybody needs. There are a few limitations to using this store that has left a significant number of users in search for alternative third-party app stores that are capable of breaking such limits and providing an even better user experience as compared to Google. While I’m not against Play Store and its services, I suggest trying something new, something bigger and better, a popular alternative like the ACMarket VIP APK.

acmarket vip apk download latest version for android

What is ACMarket VIP APK?

Have you ever found an app or game on Play Store that everyone around you has been too busy with to give you any attention and once you land on its page, you realize it’s one of those paid games that needs a purchase for installation? Well, say you install it and it turns out to be as exciting as everyone described but a week later you find out that it’s now free for download on the store. Alternatively, at times, you might find the app missing in the app store and therefore can’t access any of its updates.

Yes, these are some of the limitations that some Google Play Store users tend to face. Even if you haven’t experienced any of the above tragedies, there might be many other stories you could tell from your own experiences. However, like I mentioned before ACMarket VIP strives to break such limitations and upgrade your experience when accessing Android applications. Therefore, ACMarket VIP APK is a third-party app store and amazing Play Store alternative that provides you with working games, premium apps, mod games, and mod apps all for free without any defying terms and conditions.

Version Info

NameACMarket VIP
Size30 MB
Downloads5 Million
Updated onJanuary 03, 2022

Download ACMarket VIP APK Latest Version for Android

Imagine an app store that provides you with all kinds of Android applications and software under one roof. By the term “all kinds,” I actually mean both the official and patched games, both premium and editor’s choice applications, and mod games among others. We all know about Google’s strict policy that prohibits mods and other unlocked games as well as hack games and apps from its platform. Users who need these applications but cannot afford to buy a premium subscription within the app tend to look for individual alternatives and downloading each one of these apps from different sites can be tiresome.

ACMarket VIP is considered the best store for Android app because users can access the original applications as well as the modified ones all at once under one roof. There’s no need to look for these mods and patched software from other sources because they can all be accessed for free from this Android store. With millions of downloads, the app store is growing into a significant software provider that allows users to stop limiting themselves to Google play store for official apps and games or other rogue sites for modified content.

Download the latest version of ACMarket VIP today and enjoy an even bigger diversity of applications and games as well as the ad-free user experience that you never imagined possible to explore. The VIP APK is the premium version of the normal or basic ACMarket app and is available for free unlike getting it through the basic version whose process requires you to purchase a premium membership. Given that it’s a play store alternative, you cannot download ACMarket VIP from Google Play Store. Instead, you would need to install the APK straight onto your device using the provided link above.


Multiple Downloads


I’m sure you’ve ever tried to download more than one application from Google Play Store at some point in your smartphone. Typically, whenever one download is in progress, the other one will be put on hold until the first one is complete, hence, the term “pending.” The official play store cannot download more than one application at a time and this requires you to have a lot of patience when dealing with multiple downloads, something I tend to lack even after years of practice.

With the ACMarket VIP, you can download as multiple applications and games at the same time, a feature that I tend to adore entirely. Common sense will dictate that a slow internet connection will delay the download speed but a fast one will guarantee you faster multiple downloads.



The Ac Market VIP application takes things to a whole other level by providing thousands of free books that you can download, read and increase your literacy levels. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, autobiographies, children’s or cookbooks, you can find them all under the ‘Books’ category. I feel like such a feature or effort to motivate people to read more should actually be recognized and highly appraised because it quite the contribution to the community.

Mod Games


Modded games upgrade our in-game skills and abilities by providing special features that enable us to progress faster and higher while playing. Every modded game comes with its own special type of features such as god-mode, unlimited coins, unlimited cash, unlocked skins, unlocked characters, increased speed, invincibility and much more. The options are endless and the power in these modes are unimaginable during gameplays.

You can also find patches for various games. Patches are technically sets of changes to a game or its data designed to update fix or improve them. Patched games are available on the best play store, ACMarket VIP for free giving you the upper hand while playing against any opponent online. If you think your skills are in need of an upgrade or you’re tired of the original version of a game and want to try something exciting and out of this world, download any of the mods for free and enjoy.

ACMarket VIP offers Mod Apps


It’s not only games that can be modded, apps too. Normally, when you download an app from the play store, it’s the official and basic version. For you to get access to premium features or upgrade to the Pro version, you need to pay a fee or subscription. Modded apps give you the premium experience at no cost at all. You get to download the modded app which has all the premium features already unlocked for you allowing you to save your money.

Premium apps and games


When something is premium on Google Play Store the first thing to think about is the price tag on them. Premium apps or games need to be purchased in order for users to download and install them. My only issue with this feature is that you may decide to purchase an app and a few days later, realize that is has been made free for download. Such occurrences can ruin your moods.

ACMarket VIP APK brings you all premium software for free allowing you to download as many as you want as long as you have good internet and enough storage space on your device.

Application Request


This is probably something many Android users needed from an app store because you certainly won’t find it on Google play store. If you happen not to find a specific application on ACMarket VIP APK you can always use the app request to suggest it. Here you just have to give the name of the app, its link on Google Play Store and what you need from it and submit your request on Facebook. You can even check recently filled requests.

Phone Assistant


This amazing feature allows you to scan your device for viruses clean files using a system cleaner and check for favorites. Clear all trash files and cache from your device and make the app run faster and smoother.

App Coins


Many games and applications tend to have in-app purchases. When you give an app access to your credit card, you risk being hacked among other fraud activities that involve payment. However, using AMC, app coins available for ACMarket users, and your virtual wallet, you can deposit your desired amount and use it for in-app purchases thus, lowering the risk of threats to your personal information.

There is a gift code option where you can redeem codes sent to you and get awarded gifts in the app store.

Bingo Game


Have you ever played Bingo? Forget the slow game played by old folks that you see in many movies, This is a fun mini-game offered inside the app that allows you to pick 16 random cards and make a bet using the coins you are provided with and once you fill a line in the table with the right cards and color, you can win even more coins and other rewards. Pick, bet and win as you wait for your downloads to finish.

ACMarket VIP is Ad-Free


ACMarket VIP APK has no advertisements, unlike the original or basic version that pops up an ad when you open the app, while you’re browsing through the interface and even when you try downloading an app or game.

Game Topics


Here, you are provided with full game descriptions and their various modifications. You can also access extra information like tips and guides on how to play the game better and use various tricks during gameplay. There are also screenshots provided that show you exactly how the game would look like with your playing. Also, users can comment and make requests or even offer compliments and criticism where they feel necessary.

Disabled unnecessary permissions


All apps need permission to be installed into your phone, but some permissions tend to be rather unnecessary of fishy. For example, the basic version of ACMarket asks for permission to access your contacts and make calls while the VIP APK doesn’t.

How does ACMarket Work?

Once you install the ACMarket VIP app onto your phone you will be able to download as many applications and games as possible including the ones you can’t find in the official Google play store. Third-party applications with tweaks and additional features can be accessed without having to root your device. The app is safe to use as it has been thoroughly tested for malware and viruses.

You don’t even need to register an account to be able to download an app or game in this Android store, but if you want to join the community and give your take on the services, you’ll need to create one. It’s actually more fun than you’d think. Open the side menu by tapping the user icon and click on login. You are required to give your email, location, age, gender and set a password as well as a nickname for yourself. The fun part comes with creating your very own avatar using the available features. Just like Snapchat, you can decide to create an avatar that looks exactly like you or totally different depending on your preference.

What’s the difference between normal ACMarket and ACMarket VIP?

ACMarketACMarket VIP
Startup PopupsDisabled Startup Popups
VIP Features LockedVIP Features Unlocked
Auto Shortcut AvailableNo Auto Shortcut
In-app AdsAds Disabled
Free Download Requires Ad SupportFree Download Without Ad Support
Unnecessary Permissions RequiredUnnecessary Permissions Removed

Final Words

If you’re excited about the many opportune downloads you can get with the best Android store in the market, hit the download button in the link provided and start exploring all the many different versions of a single app you can get. ACMarket VIP has revolutionized the world of app stores, and pretty soon everyone will want to be an active member, so why not start early?